Martial Arts for Adults

"'s not about fighting, it's about not fighting"

Adults are restrained by commitments to work and family so, they can't dedicate the same level of training that children do and this is reflected by our current class schedule which does fluctuate according to active student numbers.

So what do adult classes include? Well the same jujitsu curriculum that the children use, based (with changes) upon the WJJF syllabus. A system of graduated learning involving 8 belt grades from novice to black belt.

But that's where the similarity ends. Our adult classes are more robust, hits are harder, throws are tougher and the language sometimes more expressive. We also include elements from Geoff Thompson's Real Combat Systems plus, tuition in current legislation governing the use of reasonable force. This ensures that when we talk about self defence, it is SELF DEFENCE, and not a watered down or customised martial arts system.

Just like our children's classes there are no inducements for fast grade advancement. You work hard, sweat a little, maybe sport a bruise or two.

Children from age 15 years can graduate to adult classes although we do allow slightly younger children if they prove themselves capable of handling the more mature classes.

This is what you'll get when you train with ACS Martial Arts:

  • New Friends - get to punch them
  • Confidence - we'll help build it
  • Fitness - we'll help improve it
  • Life Skills - never to old to learn