About us

.."our strengh is your weakness."

We've been running martial arts classes for children 7 years to 14 years and adults since 2008 in the Luton area and on occassion, Harpenden. Jujitsu is a Japanese martial art encompassing a wide range of 'combat' skills, including kicking, punching, throwing etc ... all the elements in Krav Maga, except the over the top gun disarms, can be found in our jujitsu classes.

Our classes also feature elements and strategies from Geoff Thompson's Real Combat System.

In 2014 ACS MAGFA was created as a single, umbrella brand providing a number of services alongside our martial arts classes such as: Boxercise, Dance Fitness and kids games clubs.

In 2017, we left Taylor St and moved to our current location in Charles St and began offering both Mini Ninja and Ninja Birthday classes to our existing class schedules.

To date ACS MAGFA offers the following services: